Q) How can I change the email address to which the forecasts/advisories are sent?
A) Click the Change My Email Options link in the email, enter your email address, and then choose Modify Your Account from the box on the right.

Q) How can I change the delivery times for the 3-day forecast emails?
A) Click the Change My Email Options link in the email.

Q) How can I unsubscribe?
A) Click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

Q) Why is the forecast on different than the forecast in the email?
A) The forecast delivered in your email is valid for the hour in which it is delivered. If you click on the Current Conditions link in the email, you will be taken to the latest forecast from Depending on the amount of time that has elapsed since the email was produced, the forecast on may vary from your email forecast.

Q) Why are images broken when I read the HTML formatted email?
A) Make sure you are connected to an Internet Service Provider so that the graphics can be downloaded from our servers.

Q) How can I change the forecast location?
A) Click Change My Email Options link in the email.

Q) I currently only receive the 3-day forecast-how can I get the severe weather advisories?
A) Click Change My Email Options link in the Alert email.

Q) Why do I get more than one severe advisory in a day?
A) Severe Weather Advisories are emailed to your email account whenever the National Weather Service issues a watch or warning and each time the advisory is updated. There could also be more than one advisory for your area at a time.

Q) Can I get the emails sent to my cell phone?
A) Although emails can be sent to a cell phone, we do not recommend it due to the high volume of alerts issued by the National Weather Service during severe weather situations. Visit to get wireless weather.

Q) Why Have I not received an email in a while?
A) Some ISPs are misidentifying emails as spam, or as a security risk, and are blocking them. Please request to your ISP that these emails are not blocked.

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